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Submitted by don on Sat, 11/02/2013 - 3:31pm.

Honorable Mention winners photos below:

Submitted by don on Sat, 11/02/2013 - 3:27pm.

Due to major events requiring my full attention back in 2009, the following report was never posted on the website, until now.

Thanks to all who participated in Buzzworms in the Backyard: Strikes again!

The Opening Night Gala brought out a diverse crowd of art lovers, activists and curious onlookers who got a quick education on what's wrong with irresponsible gas drilling. Viewed as a whole, I think the show successfully "marries" concrete facts and data, human emotion, and intuition. The result reveals a higher truth that only art can convey.

Other than helping raise awareness, how does one measure the success of Buzzworms? Consider the following:

> The quality of the art and the high level of professionalism of those who helped make the show possible, especially the well-respected artists/jurors, Linda and Ed Blackburn.

> Bill and Pam Campbell, owners of Fort Worth's respected, William Campbell Contemporary Art & Gallery, took time speak with me and give the show a big thumbs-up.

> A rep. from, Chesapeake Energy, the much reviled gas driller, complained about the show to gallery officials and tried to shut it down. I can't think of a better measure of success than that.

...and the winners are:

1st Place ($250.)
Aaron Novy
Texas Coyote

2nd Place ($150.)
Byron Black
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Shale

3rd Place ($100.)
Chris Powell
glory hole

Honorable Mention ($50.)
Grayson Harper
We Signed

Honorable Mention ($50.)
Kelli A. Holmes
Buzz Kill

Honorable Mention ($50.)
Joel Kiser
7 7/8" Drill Pipe

Very Special Thanks to the following performers:

Laney Yarber (girl in the box) and Lori Thomson (painter girl assistant) for their crowd-pleasing performance of, "Giving up the Farm: Part 2 Skincare."

Tammy Gomez and Friends (Gabriela Lomonaco, guitar, and Angelique, dancer) for their performance of Tammy's bracing poem, "A Pipeline is Screaming." read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Fri, 09/06/2013 - 6:45pm.

For Immediate Release September 6, 2013 Contact: Sharon Wilson, 940-389-1622 Working Films Reel Power - Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project - Texas Drought Project - North Central Texas Communities Alliance - FWCANDO and director, Josh Fox, bring myth piercing documentary on fracking, "GASLAND 2", to the historic Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. Director, Josh Fox and other stars of the film will be in attendance. September 28, 2013 Program begins at 7:00 pm. (doors open at 6:00 pm) Admission is FREE. Donations are welcome.

See complete Press Release here: Download the PDF

The anti-fracking movement that is reinvigorating environmentalists worldwide has its roots in Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth was the first large city in the country (maybe the world) to allow this dirty, dangerous and controversial process of extracting natural gas and oil from the Earth. was the first website devoted to urban gas drilling and fracking. Dirty Ol' Town, the first documentary short film on the negative impacts of fracking in the Fort Worth area, was produced by FWCANDO in 2006.

Fort Worth is also the site of the first public protest against fracking in an urban area (coincidentally on 9/28/2005) and also the site of the first anti-fracking art show. These are a few reasons why Josh Fox began filming the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, GASLAND, in Fort Worth in 2008. The film helped spark an international movement to ban fracking that is growing daily and inspiring people and organizations like few other environmental issues ever have. I am pleased to co-host this film for and with my fellow north Texans.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see it on the big screen in the city where it all began.


Gasland Part II.jpg
Submitted by don on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 2:10pm.

That's the name of the Dutch TV program that sent a crew to Fort Worth last month to gather interviews for a report on the Barnett Shale. Think 60 Minutes, Holland-style.

They produced one of the most comprehensive video reports from an international perspective that I have seen. It also serves as a reminder to us locals that things ain't what they used to be. While we have grown complacent, the fracking industry has chipped away at our quality of life. Big time.

Former DISH mayor, Calvin Tillman, Cathy McMullen, Steve Lipsky and yours truly send a message in a bottle to the good people of Holland. It runs about 9 minutes long. I hope they Just say NO to fracking.


Submitted by don on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:04pm.

Dang that woman! The news that Chesapeake Energy Propaganda Minister, Julie Wilson, is leaving the company disturbed my semi-retirement from rabble-rousing. Just hearing her name raised the hair on the back of my neck and conjured up bad memories of the 00's.

With the possible exception of former mayor, Mike Moneycrief, no single person has done more than to FUBAR my hometown than Julie Wilson. She is a master of deceit but doesn't really give a sh*t if you believe her or not, UNLESS you wield political power. The way she handled City of Fort Worth officials and other power players in the mid 00's made ass-kissing and brown-nosing the official sports of Cowtown.

Her intimidating style is a mixture of Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil (Sleeping Beauty) and, of course, a healthy dose of Nazi-style propaganda, a la her role model, Joseph Goebbels. She worked hard to earn her nickname, The Most Hated Woman in Fort Worth.

If Fort Worth ever had a moral compass it was pilfered by Julie Wilson and thrown down a frack hole.

She talked about industrial gas rigs as if they were her intimate lovers. She uttered the word "spud" frequently and seemed to enjoy the way it rolled off her forked tongue. In a press release from 2008, she wrote: "Chesapeake will be spudding Fort Worth's first downtown gas well this Friday, August 15. The Trinidad is one of the newer, quieter and more attractive rigs in our fleet... we want you to know that we're paying special attention to noise and aesthetics." She went on to gleefully describe the rigs specially painted turquoise color as if it were benign as a bicycle.

The list of Julie's toxic legacy over the past few years is lengthy. You'll find plenty of old horror stories at or at See the highlight reel below.

DY read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 7:50pm.

Only in Fort Worth would such an arrogant message via a giant billboard sprout in the heart of downtown.

The people that run Fort Worth (FW), Texas, the 16th most populous city in the USA, are hell bent on helping FW become the dumbest large city in the USA. Here's a short list of their accomplishments:

- FW was the first large city in the USA to allow natural gas (NG) drilling in all neighborhoods regardless of zoning class.

- FW has more UN-ODORIZED NG pipelines in neighborhoods than any large city in the USA.

- FW is the first large city in the USA to allow an UN-ODORIZED NG pipeline in the downtown corridor.

This new billboard in the downtown FW, just a few hundred feet from I-30, reinforces the fact that Fort Worth is out of touch with reality as Chesapeake completes installation of the downtown pipeline.

The real dangers and risks to public health and the environment are well known as these recent reports confirm. Please educate yourself, raise hell and/or move out of the shale patch, if you can.

An Exploratory Study of Air Quality Near NG Operations:

Filming Dirty Air:

Flowback: How the Texas NG Boom Affects Health and Safety:

Submitted by don on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 9:46am.

MIck Jagger makes a minor but important reference to "hydraulic fracking" in the new Rolling Stones barn-burner, Doom and Gloom. It's part of their 50th anniversary tour coming up.

"Fracking has certainly become one of the major issues of our time. In the beginning of the third verse of our new Stones single, 'Doom and Gloom,' Mick gives the lines: 'Fracking deep for oil, but there's nothing in the sump.' Now, the song itself is not at all about fracking. The theme of the tune is as the title suggests — things that make us think about doom and gloom. Things that scare us a bit or that frustrate us in some way.

"Certainly I think a lot of folks have fears and reservations about the practice of fracking, and I think with those two short lines that Mick put in the song about it, he taps into the trepidation that exists about fracking. Mick has always been a master of including current events in some of the lines of his lyrics, and he does it yet again here, giving all of us something to think about!"

Read full interview with Chuck Leavell, the band keyboardist, who also happens to be the co-founder of Mother Nature Network, HERE:

Frack Attack low res.jpeg
Submitted by don on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 12:02am.

What do the following high-profile locations in Fort Worth, Texas have in common?

Forest Park (FW Zoo, miniature train, sports fields, Log Cabin Village)
Sycamore Park (Sports fields used by public and Texas Wesleyan University)
Gateway Park (FW Dog Park, sports fields, bike trail)
Trinity Park (Duck pond, picnic sites, playgrounds, concert site)
7th Street corridor (Cultural District, museums, shops, cafes, high-rise apts.)


These are just a few of the heavily-travelled places where large diameter, natural gas pipelines have been buried underground in recent months. These pipelines, servicing dozens of new gas wells in the area are filled with explosive, UN-odorized natural gas, straight from the padsites. read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Mon, 08/06/2012 - 8:10pm.

The photo below was taken July 27, 2012, while standing in the front yard of my childhood home, 1105 Haynes Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

Until about a year ago, the prairie field that extended the entire block across the street, where kids like me flew kites and explored nature, remained unchanged. But about a week before Christmas, 2011, Chesapeake Energy received a permit to drill and frack "multiple gas wells" on the site.

Anyone can plainly see from the aerial photo below, this gas well should NEVER have been permitted. At about 300' away from where I took the photo, it's too close. More than 72 properties in this densely populated neighborhood are DIRECTLY affected. It is what the FW Drilling Ordinance used to refer to as HIGH-IMPACT before, at the drillers request, the phrase was discarded. But now it's too late. The City failed the neighborhood. The well is in.

Now. Now, Chesapeake is asking council approval for an 8" diameter pipeline that will run under homes and in front yards of this very low income, working-class, mostly Spanish-speaking neighborhood. The gas will be UN-odorized.

In an epic failure of leadership to protect innocent citizens, City staffers, Rick Trice, Randle Harwood and Fernando Costa have signed off on the pipeline that council will debate on August 7, 2012.

This pipeline proposal is even worse than the infamous, Carter Avenue pipeline that was changed only after resident and father, Steve Doeung refused to be bought off. But it took the persuasive efforts of Senator Wendy Davis, to help convince Chesapeake to pursue a less dangerous route which they ultimately did.

Will you PLEASE take a moment right now and contact your councilperson, Mayor Betsy Price and especially, District 8 City Councilwoman, Kelly Gray. Cut and paste the following to your personal email: read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Fri, 07/20/2012 - 4:43pm.

It's not every day that an Australian State Senator from New South Wales pops into Fort Worth for a visit. Senator Jeremy Buckingham, and his esteemed 8-person entourage are on a Frack-finding tour of the USA. They dropped by FWCanDo HQ last Monday seeking an unvarnished tour of Dirty Ol' Town, TX.

I was honored to be their "Virgil" on a whistle-stop, Don-te's Inferno Tour of devastation in the newly industrialized city of Fort Worth. We visited several of the most offensive gas wells in FW including one in Gary Hogan's backyard. Other north Texas stops included Dish, Texas where they met with former mayor, Calvin Tillman.

Jeremy is a member of the Australian Green Party which enjoys much wider power and support Down Under than Greens in the USA. In addition to Texas, he and his entourage are touring Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and New York to learn more about the impacts of fracking in their fight to ban the practice in coal seam and shale gas mining in AU.

Others on the tour include, Drew Hutton of Lock the Gate Alliance and Peter and Kim Martin of Southern Highlands Coal Action Group . The group will wrap up their tour at the Stop the Frack Attack in Washington D.C. on July 28. Their passion and commitment to protecting public health and the environment from fracking is admirable. Their willingness to travel to the US in that effort is inspiring.

Check out pics, videos and commentary of JB's USA Frack Finding Tour:

Stop the Frack Attack website:

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