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Submitted by don on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 10:58am.

Gas Drilling has found it's way to TV Soap Operas, specifically, The Young and the Restless. How apropos that a genre known for greed and corruption to "sink their straw" into the greediest, dirtiest game in town. Don't you love it? It's not only entertaining entertaining, but instructive, too.

It seems that Victor is the owner of a drilling company that caused the collapse of Katherine and Cane's garage! I can't wait to see how Victor "fracks" his way out of this one!

But hold on there a minute. Before you read this sordid tale, you must learn a new word:

SUBSIDENCE |səbˈsīdns; ˈsəbsidns|
the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin subsidentia ‘sediment,’ from the verb subsidere (see subside ). read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Sat, 11/03/2007 - 4:56pm.

TXsharon does an outstanding job of presenting a case against the FWISD for their conflict of interest, their duplicity and their mixed signals to students and parents when it comes to Barnett Shale Monkey Bizness. (Don't miss Supt. Melody Johnson's quote near the end.) Check it out, here:

ALSO, check out TXsharon's take on the deceptively named, Barnett Shale Energy Education Council. This organization, founded at the request of Mayor Mike Moncrief, was allowed to control much of the recent FW League of Neighborhood Associations public meeting:


Submitted by don on Tue, 10/23/2007 - 5:39pm.

This is a real SHOCKER! Not.

As my friend Lionel likes to say, "These three SOB's are also BBO's." (Been Bought Off)

These three are also largely responsible for allowing the disaster taking place right now in the Barnett Shale.

As my friend Kathy likes to say, "I wish I 'd never heard of the Barnett Shale."



Michael Williams
Campaign Contributions, 2006
Top Industries Total $:

Home Builders- $110,500
Oil & Gas- $106,765
Lawyers & Lobbyists-$61,635
Electric Utilities $25,500
Banks & Lending Institutions-$6,500
Real Estate-$5,012
Poultry & Eggs $5,000
Miscellaneous Energy-$3,500
Securities & Investment-$3,500
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products-$2,500
Lodging & Tourism-$2,500
Railroads-$2,000 read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Mon, 10/22/2007 - 7:09pm.

1) Busy Bloggers-

Fort Worth City Council will vote Tuesday morning on extending the moratorium on Salt Water Injection (Disposal) Wells inside the city limits. Good on them. Those same elected officials need to learn a new word to go with moratorium: PERMANENT. And by the way, if the city gas drilling ordinance were fixed there would be a lot less need for the Disposal Wells.

Two area bloggers have jumped on the topic. Check 'em out:

TXsharon writes at Bluedaze:

Steve-O writes at Caravan of Dreams: read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Tue, 10/16/2007 - 7:14pm.

This recent "incident" from October 4, slipped by me. Close your eyes and imagine this happening in YOUR neighborhood. FYI.


Posted on Thursday, October 04, 2007

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UPDATE: Spewing Gas Well Capped

Staff photo by Jaime R. Carrero

Firemen begin assembling around the leaking gas well on FM 850 in Chapel hill Wednesday to attempt to cap it. The leak, spewing gas since Tuesday afternoon, produced a steady stream of gas that killed the tree in its immediate vicinity.
Staff Writer

NEW CHAPEL HILL — A spewing gas well on Farm-to-Market Road 850 has been capped, and residents are being allowed back to their homes. read more of this posting »

Submitted by don on Mon, 10/15/2007 - 9:38pm.

Item # 1-
Gas wells are getting closer to our homes, schools, parks and churches and gas drilling accidents ("incidents") keep piling up. (I can barely keep up!) Here's the latest news from the Fort Worth area:

Posted on Mon, Oct. 15, 2007

Firefighters battling gas well fire near Keene

Firefighters are battling a blaze at a gas well injection site between Keene and Cleburne this afternoon.

The fire destroyed a tanker truck and a service vehicle, said Gerald Mohr, Johnson County’s emergency management coordinator.

A man was taken to an area hospital by air ambulance, but Mohr did not know the extent of his injuries. read more of this posting »

Submitted by tonyb on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 1:15pm.

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