Most Hated Woman in Fort Worth: Julie Wilson

Submitted by don on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:04pm.

Dang that woman! The news that Chesapeake Energy Propaganda Minister, Julie Wilson, is leaving the company disturbed my semi-retirement from rabble-rousing. Just hearing her name raised the hair on the back of my neck and conjured up bad memories of the 00's.

With the possible exception of former mayor, Mike Moneycrief, no single person has done more than to FUBAR my hometown than Julie Wilson. She is a master of deceit but doesn't really give a sh*t if you believe her or not, UNLESS you wield political power. The way she handled City of Fort Worth officials and other power players in the mid 00's made ass-kissing and brown-nosing the official sports of Cowtown.

Her intimidating style is a mixture of Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil (Sleeping Beauty) and, of course, a healthy dose of Nazi-style propaganda, a la her role model, Joseph Goebbels. She worked hard to earn her nickname, The Most Hated Woman in Fort Worth.

If Fort Worth ever had a moral compass it was pilfered by Julie Wilson and thrown down a frack hole.

She talked about industrial gas rigs as if they were her intimate lovers. She uttered the word "spud" frequently and seemed to enjoy the way it rolled off her forked tongue. In a press release from 2008, she wrote: "Chesapeake will be spudding Fort Worth's first downtown gas well this Friday, August 15. The Trinidad is one of the newer, quieter and more attractive rigs in our fleet... we want you to know that we're paying special attention to noise and aesthetics." She went on to gleefully describe the rigs specially painted turquoise color as if it were benign as a bicycle.

The list of Julie's toxic legacy over the past few years is lengthy. You'll find plenty of old horror stories at or at See the highlight reel below.


- Fort Worth City Council under Moncrief, allowed Wilson to speak as long as she wanted at City Council meetings but kept drilling critics to a strict time limit. Julie was even allowed to walk the room, microphone in hand, promoting her drilling agenda. She had Council members eating out of her hand.

- After getting wind of a major protest against drilling at the beautiful, heritage tree site known as Trinity Trees on Labor Day 2007, Julie and company quickly set up a counter protest at the same site. After many trees were removed and the site industrialized Julie said, "We've done it very responsibly, and it's hard for anyone to see or even notice that they're down." She later commented that Trinity Trees was better off under Chesapeake's ownership. Really? Not even the industry apologist rag, Star-Telegram agrees with that statement.

- After purchasing 50-odd acres of land adjacent to and east of Tandy Hills Natural Area in 2007, Wilson was quoted as saying, "Chesapeake prides itself as a good corporate citizen that has been sensitive to the needs of our neighbors." Declining to discuss plans for the property, she was bombarded with about 100 letters from citizens concerned about a threat to green space. She later blamed the development of the old neighborhood itself for the lack of green space.

- A few months later, Chesapeake leased property on the west end of the Tandy Hills greenbelt using unethical tactics to get waivers for a High Impact gas well on Scott Avenue that led eventually
to the first big battle over natural gas pipelines in neighborhoods. Julie's henchmen/lawyers made a mockery of justice and intimidated resident, Steve Doeung, who refused to play their game.

- In a masterstroke of deceitful advertising, Julie and Company recruited Tommy Lee Jones as a spokesman for dirty drilling. It was also her expertise in the ad biz that got Chesapeake ads plastered on city buses, all over the Star-Telegram, sponsorships of local events and propaganda exhibits at the public library.

- "We're making a lot of millionaires up here in the Barnett Shale." Julie proudly declared in response to a CNN report in 2008 on how urban drilling pits neighbor against neighbor, delicately sidestepping any hint of controversy or health impacts. Julie is all about the money.

- Julie laid a PR rotten egg in 2008 with Shale TV. It was an arrogant, over the top attempt to control local drilling news, including reports distributed by FWCANDO and TXsharon. (Reportedly she got the idea from Moncrief.) Local newsman legend, Tracy Rowlett never recovered. Pathetic.

- Most likely, it was Julie Wilson who came up with the idea for the Chesapeake Charlie character, "a friendly Beagle who knows a lot about natural gas production and its benefits," that was featured in a coloring book for kids. Disgusting.

- After being elected Chairwoman of the North Texas Clean Air Coalition in 2008, a faux, clean air organization for big biz polluters, Julie Wilson passed out awards to the like of Ash Grove Texas cement kiln and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Chesapeake was also recognized for helping clean up the air in north Texas.

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