Busy Bloggers, Brett Shipp, B.S. Victims & Meeting REMINDER

Submitted by don on Mon, 10/22/2007 - 7:09pm.

1) Busy Bloggers-

Fort Worth City Council will vote Tuesday morning on extending the moratorium on Salt Water Injection (Disposal) Wells inside the city limits. Good on them. Those same elected officials need to learn a new word to go with moratorium: PERMANENT. And by the way, if the city gas drilling ordinance were fixed there would be a lot less need for the Disposal Wells.

Two area bloggers have jumped on the topic. Check 'em out:

TXsharon writes at Bluedaze:


Steve-O writes at Caravan of Dreams:


---------LATE Breaking News: There was a report today on WFAA-TV at noon about the same subject. You might want to check the evening news for an update.

2) Brett Shipp-

In case you missed Brett Shipp's excellent 3 part report on gas drilling last week (WFAA-TV), you can watch or read it, here:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3:


Read TXSharon's excellent blog on same subject:


3) Barnett Shale Victims & Meeting REMINDER-

The FW League of Neighborhood Associations is hosting a public meeting, Tuesday evening, 10/22 @ 6:30 pm. (See details below)

Everybody is talking about Money, Money, Money, when it comes to the Barnett Shale (B.S.). Some fairly smart people have even started believing in the Tooth Fairy and Free Money. Still other people have weighed the real and potential impacts of urban drilling on this and future generations and recalled the common sense of their upbringing: How much will this Free Money cost me?

Then you have what I call, Barnett Shale Victims. These are folks who have been directly snake bit by gas drilling in one way or another - people who have been on the front lines of out of control drilling madness. Their numbers are growing exponentially.

All of the above should attend this meeting Tuesday evening.

While I have been righteously critical of the FWLNA in the past for not getting involved in this issue sooner, I'm going to withhold judgement until after this meeting. It is troubling that, "industry experts" have been invited to speak and that, council members will be involved and that, the event is designed to give you a "balanced view" and that, none of the resistance leaders have been asked to speak. These things expose the credibility problem the League has but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.

Keep your BS detecting radar turned up high, but please attend.


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