Basketball & Fracking

- Do you love basketball but hate gas drilling and fracking?
- Do you love to hate Chesapeake Energy?

You're in luck!

Even if you hate fracking AND basketball you have reason to cheer on the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA FInals this Thursday night. Here's why:

- The Oklahoma City Thunder is partially owned by Chesapeake Energy CEO, Aubrey McClendon.
- The team plays at, Chesapeake Energy Arena, which was purchased with Dirty Money.
- The Heat hold a 3-1 advantage over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the best-of-seven series.

I'm an Armendariz

from Jim Schermbeck, Downwinders at Risk:

This Wednesday at 10 EST, Dr. Al Armendariz will be facing off with Smokey Joe Barton in Washington at a hearing of a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Vote the Environment - Vote Lon Burnam

"He's always talking about environmental issues. He's not talking about any issues that make a difference to constituents."

That comment recently burbled forth from the unmanaged mouth of Carlos Vasquez when describing his opponent in the District 90 Texas House race, State Representative Lon Burnam.

In the zany world of 2012 Texas politics such a pea-brained statement counts as an insult against Mr. Burnam.

In MY world it says two things:

Back to the Future

We all have a place that inspires us to take a stand against Big Gas & Oil.

That place can be as vast as the Upper Delaware River Basin that inspired Josh Fox or a humble home in the suburbs. For me that place was and is, Tandy Hills Natural Area, in Fort Worth, Texas.

I'm requesting your help to keep Tandy Hills "like it was."

The main thing you need to know about Tandy Hills is that it's one of the last of the breed. The few remnants of native Texas prairie are akin to Unicorns: Beautiful, exceedingly rare and hunted to near extinction.

Drilling, Earthquakes & Motley Fools

From the, "What-is-this-world-coming-to" Department...

The Fort Worth City Council will soon decide if allowing earthquakes inside the city limits is OK.

I've lost track of the number of earthquakes that have occurred in the Barnett Shale since the beginning of the big bad boom, but it's a lot.

Similar quakes have ravaged Arkansas, Colorado and other states where fracking and toxic waste injection wells are commonplace. There are well over 100 injection wells in the Barnett, alone.

Maso-schist America

The French word for "shale" is "schist", thus the witty Gallic humor in the title of French reporter, Xavier Frison's report from a recent trip to Texas, USA. Xavier arrived from Paris to visit the land of American Maso-schists to try and understand why they endure the pain and suffering caused by shale drilling. His conclusion: They must get off on some deviant form of masochism. (Actually, I think we suffer from chronic apathy.)

The Empresses New Clothes

Here in the North Texas, Land of Pretend, it has not taken long for the new Mayor of Dirty Ol' Town to embrace the folly of her predecessor, Mike (What conflict of interest?) Moncrief.

After receiving a much anticipated and widely criticized Air Quality Report from Eastern Research Group (ERG) Mayor Betsy (Strings-Attached) Price cheerfully declared:

"First, I'm pleased because, there are no immediate risks to public health."
-Mayor Betsy "Strings-attached" Price

Dirty Ol' Town: Fort Worth, Texas, A.D. (After Drilling)

I recently gave a talk to the, Tarrant County Democratic Woman's Club. My, Powerpoint presentation was a condensed timeline, with photos, of my personal experience living in Fort Worth, Texas, A.D. (After Drilling).

It was NOT a Gas Drilling 101 with all the facts, figures and graphs. Rather, it's my personal story and remembrances in this complex experiment from, 2004 - 2011: Why I became involved and what has happened along the way, so far. Not every detail is listed (or remembered) but most of the highlights are present.

3 Fast Frack Facts for President Obama

September 13 is National, Stop Fracking Now!, Call Day to President Obama.

Here a 3 Fast Frack Facts to remind you and him of how dangerous fracking is to the environment and helth:

Frack Fact #1:

80,000 pounds of chemicals are injected in the Earth's crust to frack every gas well.

Frack Fact #2:

Researchers suspect that 65 of the compounds used in fracking are hazardous to human and animal health.

Frack Fact #3:

Upwards of 70% of fracking fluid remains in the ground and is not biodegradable.

Carter Burdette "Toll Road"

Carter Burdette recently retired from the FW City Council, rather than run again for office. That's good because he is a Very Bad Man. I prepared the following letter back in April to expose his conflicts of interest and other shenanigans. When he retired I put the letter aside, cutting him some slack. BUT, his recent and outrageous Letter to the Editor of the Star-Telegram, blaming city residents fro streets not getting repaired, prompted me to dust off my old letter. He deserves it now more than ever. See expose' at Star-TELEGRAPH:


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