Mike Moncrief's Legacy of Greed & Deception

Mike Moncrief’s Legacy of Greed and Deception

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief is hanging up his spurs. Those spurs that kicked the heart out of Fort Worth for the past eight years will now be fitted to new Mayor, Betsy Price, aka: Moncrief in a skirt. It is too early to tell if she will continue Moncrief's Nazi-like, mayoral style known as, The Fort Worth Way. Bets are, the spurs are a perfect fit.

Is Seismic Testing Safe?

An open letter to City Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks-

Dear Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks-

Some of my neighbors and I are very concerned about a massive seismic testing operation/experiment currently underway in our neighborhoods. Dawson Geophysical is a subcontractor for the private, for-profit companies, Chesapeake and XTO Energy, using public streets and ROW's to gather seismic data from a vast area.

Cathy Hirt for Mayor of Dirty 'Ol Town

Cathy Hirt

Politics is not pretty and, for me, electing politicians is basically a, "hold your nose" exercise. Most everything about it runs counter to my idealistic nature. I tend to avoid it for my own health and well being.

But this year, I made an exception to my rule about installing yard signs for politicians and posted two signs supporting Cathy Hirt for Mayor of Fort Worth. Importantly, they are right next to my well worn, Just Say NO to Urban Gas Drilling sign.

The Tipping Point That Begat a Festival

We all have personal reasons for getting involved in David vs. Goliath-type battles. Something or someone pushes our "button"; we become mad as hell and can't take it anymore; we reach our tipping point. Mine began, modestly enough, on a hot, summer day in 2004 when, an acquaintance pointed across the street from my house and said something like:

"Hey, I hear they're gonna put a gas well up on that hill."

Trespasser You Can't Shoot

There is one trespasser you can't shoot.

It travels silently underground poisoning your water.
It floats invisibly above, polluting the air your children, animals and you breathe.
It contaminates the Earth beneath your feet.
It stalks the halls of the Texas State Capitol, greasing the palms of weak and greedy men and women.
They in turn have created a Free Pass for this trespasser.

It took me less than a minute to Take Action. (Texas residents, ONLY.) It's too easy.

America's Team: Re-defined

I used to be a huge Cowboy's fan before I got a life. Or, maybe it was after the Cowboys started losing. Whatever, one useless passion died but several useful ones sprang to life.

But I'm a changed man ever since the City of Pittsburgh, PA banned gas drilling in 2010. For that reason, alone, Pittsburgh deserves to be the NEW America's Team. Now, I'm talking like a Yinzer and dreaming of Lombardi trophies.

"We're For Smoke!"

You are looking at the first official flag of the City of Fort Worth created in 1912. This flag and other rarely seen, historic objects from the archives are now on display at the Fort Worth Public Central Library in an exhibit titled, Hidden Views.

The exhibit was created by FW artist, Christopher Blay, who also participated in the Buzzworms in the Backyard exhibition in 2009. See his Buzzworm entry here:

T.C.U.'s "other" Game

tcu guinea pigYea Frogs! Great job! You brought home the Rose Bowl trophy! You had your big celebration! But another big game is still on the line. And TCU is losing Big Time. Let's talk about the Dignity game.

Gas Drilling Pop Quiz (for High-schoolers and their teachers)

In the summer of 2010 the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) held a special Math/Science program for gifted and talented middle school students, something called the Emerging Scholars Academy. One of the topics available for study was titled:

- To Drill or Not to Drill -

Project Requirements:

Gas Patch 2010: Heroes & Villains


2010 was another banner year for Liars, Idiots, Nut-cases and Sinners in Dirty Ol' Town and Dirty Ol' State. Lawlessness ruled the shale as if the "Old West" never went away. What this town needs is a new sheriff.


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