About FWCaNDo

FwCanDo was formed by a small group of concerned citizens in September 2005 in response to natural gas drilling activities encroaching on our neighborhoods. We believe that gas drilling and related activities are a threat to people, property and wildlife.

We are concerned, among other things, with the following:
∙ Property values
∙ Neighborhood depreciation
∙ Air pollution
∙ Water pollution
∙ Soil contamination
∙ Noise and light pollution
∙ Health and safety
∙ Increased crime and traffic congestion
∙ Wildlife mortality
∙ Loss of green space
∙ Aesthetic impacts
∙ Catastrophic accidents
∙ Lack of evacuation plans
∙ Fort Worth's image as a livable city

We believe that the gas drilling ordinance was rushed through city council without adequate information gathering or sufficient input from the citizenry.

We demand an immediate moratorium on gas drilling in Fort Worth until an updated ordinance can be written that would include viable input from the citizenry.

We demand that the effects of gas drilling on property values and marketability be carefully studied and that the results be made available to the general public.

We demand an independent study of gas drilling's effect on air pollution in Fort Worth, especially in light of the fact that DFW continues to not meet federal air quality requirements.

We demand an end to drilling on any property within 3,000 ft. of a residence, church, school, public park, or waterway in Fort Worth.

We believe that politics, intense lobbying by gas extraction firms, and influence peddling have most likely influenced many of the details of the city ordinance.

We demand that the City of Fort Worth do more to protect citizens without mineral rights from those who do.

We believe that most of the benefits of gas drilling go to private mineral rights holders, usually absentee landowners, and that most (if not all) of the associated problems and true costs go to the surface property owners and other local citizens.

We believe that many the detrimental effects of gas drilling are greatly minimized or completely absent from the current city ordinance.

We believe the long-term negative impacts of gas drilling to our neighborhoods and our city are not worth the minimal, short-term financial benefits.

We demand that the City of Fort Worth put in place a viable forum for citizens to effectively lodge complaints against drilling in their neighborhoods and that those complaints be properly tallied.

We believe that there may be a conflict of interest between some of the private consultant firms hired by the city to manage the drilling and the drilling companies, themselves.

We believe that many of the allowances in the ordinance are in direct conflict with other city policies or stated goals, such as Fort Worth being one of "America's most Livable cities."

We are disappointed that a formal evacuation plan, in the event of a gas drilling accident, is either not in place or has not been announced to the general public.

We believe that the City of Fort Worth's gas drilling policies have contributed to a feeling of helplessness and a sense of apathy among Fort Worth residents who oppose such policies.